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We're shaking up the Australian survey panel industry, so that everyone gets a better deal.

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The revolution worked!
Octopus Group is now one of the biggest survey panels in Australia and we are still paying our members more for their time.
We are hoping to continue this growth in 2022
In 2021
After our successful launch in Australia, we are now going to start the same revolution in New Zealand.
We are currently in our recruitment phase as we need 5000 joiners in NZ before we can go to market (we may be able to squeeze a survey or two before that… fingers crossed). Even if you are an Australian member, you can still refer your Kiwi mates and still get up to $20 per friend who joins
AUS Target reached. Current membership 200K+
NZ: Members needed to launch 5K
Where next?
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The Octopus Group revolution!

We are re-defining how the survey industry works.

We’re paying the money forward to our members; we do this by having the highest survey cash rate and the best Tell-A-Friend incentive in Australia!

Companies really want to know what you’re thinking and are only too happy to pay for it.

Octopus Group connects you with these companies.

Alone we are powerless, but together we can overthrow an empire - GoT

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Top Tell-A-Friend'ers

Congratulations to our top earners!

Name State Referrals Potential
Kylie VIC 10253 $205,060
Bec QLD 7718 $154,360
Emma NSW 6869 $137,380
Joshua VIC 6113 $122,260
Sharon VIC 5114 $102,280
Emma QLD 3777 $75,540
Shem VIC 3218 $64,360
Kimberley NSW 2655 $53,100
Minoli NSW 2543 $50,860
Jasmyne QLD 2510 $50,200

Tell a friend and get up to $20 per friend that joins!

How it works

Octopus Group wants to know what you’re thinking and wants to maximise the cash reward you receive for your opinions and time.

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Why choose us?

Here are 6 great and powerful reasons:

You'll earn more $$$

Your time is valuable so we provide the best cash return for it. Double what the other providers offer, consistently more.

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Tell a Friend

Tell a mate and get the best sweetener in Australia and New Zealand. Up to $20 per friend.

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Voice your opinion

Be heard and make your opinion count. Make change happen by adding your voice to thousands of other Australians and New Zealanders.

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Shake up the panel industry

Join the movement and maximise the reward for your time.

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Why are we different

No more emails (unless you want them, of course).

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Support Australian made

All profits stay local. We are here to support the Australian and New Zealand community.

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