Exclusive Groups

What you need to know?

What are Exclusive Groups?

What we call "Exclusive groups" are simply a more focused approach to research.

These groups take numerous forms, such as:

  • Online forums - You are provided login details to comment on a topic
  • Taste testing - This could be in-home or on location (or both)
  • Product trials - This could be anything from test driving to toilet paper

Who are they offered to?

We invite a select number of members to participate in these groups.

Like all surveys there will be a screener survey to make sure that the right audience is selected.

What will be expected of me?

Online forums range from a few days to a few months. The amount of daily time involved is generally less than 10 minutes and isn't strictly required to be daily (it is just easier to remember if you do it daily).

Just think of it as regular surveys, which is great!

Taste testing would require the eating or drinking of products and providing feedback on these. The testing could be for coffee, alcohol, ice cream etc.

Why are the incentives so high?

These activities are quality driven so your opinions are more quality focused.

You may be:

  • in a moderated forum where the moderator asks for more detail on your given responses
  • asked to attend a group at a specific time and location
  • to provide your contact details (see the point below for additional info)

The incentives are high to cater for these extra responsibilities.

Do I need to be worried about my details?

Before we take on a client for Exclusive groups we make sure the client agrees to non-disclosure. This means that they will only use your details to contact you for the named Exclusive group and after the group has completed your details are deleted.

Note: if you find this has not been the case, let us know and we'll handle it from there.

How will I know I've been invited to an Exclusive group?

Generally, the screener survey for the Exclusive groups are between 1 and 3 minutes as the main event is after you have been selected to join the group.

So in our surveys, if the survey states an incentive of less than $1 it is most likely an exclusive group (but not always).

Need more info?

If you have a question on our exclusive groups that isn't covered above, mail Team Octopus Support and we'll have it added to this list!