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Joining Octopus Group

What is Octopus Group?

Octopus Group in an online survey community that gives you the highest cash rate, more than any other online survey panel in Australia for your time and opinions.

Our mission is to shake up the Australian survey panel industry, so that everyone gets a better deal.

Why call ourselves Octopus Group?

Because Octopuses Group didn’t sound, we want you to see we are different.

Why should I join?

Octopus Group gives you the opportunity to make a difference with your opinions. Every day your Octopus Group experience will be different, fun and thought-provoking. Voice your opinion on products, entertainment, advertising and more.

There are many big brands that would like to hear your voice about their products and would love to pay you in exchange for this kind of valuable information. Octopus Group acts as an agent in letting you communicate with companies about sharing your opinion.

Whether your feedback to companies is positive or negative, all is welcomed. There are no right or wrong answers. Companies are open-minded in accepting different types of opinions, as feedback is valuable for their product development – to design a better product or improve the current one. Perhaps a company saw your opinion and was inspired to make a new product – and boom, a new generation of electric power car appears.

What is the Octopus Group Revolution?

For too long now, the online survey industry has been exploiting the average Australian, offering a measly reward for their time and opinions while lining their own pockets with the money that is rightfully yours.

Octopus Group wants to change that, we want to give more back to Australians. We are offering 80% to 400% more rewards than any other online survey panel in Australia. On top of that our rewards are CASH.

Together as a group, we will be able to change the face of online surveys and make average Australian opinion the focus of surveys and not how much money the online panel companies can make.

Join the revolution; use your precious time wisely and only complete surveys through Octopus Group but this time get paid fairly for your time.

How does it Work?

After you join Octopus Group, you will be notified when you have been selected to participate in an online survey. You can receive notifications via our app, email or logging into the website to view your available survey.

If you qualify and complete by giving your opinions to a survey you will be rewarded with cash!

Once you have accumulated $20, you can then transfer the cash into your savings account and spend it on anything you wish! Or by purchasing e-Gift cards at an Octopus Group member's discounted price.

How do I join?

You just need to go to click on join now and enter your details. Initially, you will receive an sms notification confirming you are who you say you are. Once you click on the confirmation you are an Octopus Group member!

Does it cost anything?

No, joining Octopus Group is absolutely free and will continue to be free.

How is Octopus Group able to offer the highest cash rewards in Australia?

Simple, Octopus Group is not greedy!

Octopus Group believes in people, and so people are our primary focus. We work hard to get you the best return for your time and opinion. We want to help Australians get what they are entitled too, while helping shape Australia with your opinions.

Most other online survey panels are owned by large multinational companies who want to make as much profit as possible, together with their shareholders and huge overheads the only way to maximise their profits is to minimise what they pay to their own panelists.

Octopus Group believes this is un-Australian and has been going on for too long. We want to change the way the industry thinks and believe you deserve a fair reward for your time and opinions.

How do I unsubscribe?

Your membership is always voluntary and you can decide whether or not to take any surveys that you are invited to.

If you would like to terminate your membership, just click the unsubscribe option in the member's site and follow the instructions.

Please allow 5 days for us to process your unsubscribe request. If you receive survey notifications during that time period, please ignore them.

Signing In

How do I log in?

There are 2 ways to log in, either the website site or the mobile app. Just enter your registered mobile number and password.

Why do you need a mobile number to sign in?

This is a major part of our security, it ensures that members (or should we call you octopuses) are unique. It is also very easy to remember.

How will you use my mobile number?

Your mobile number will be used via sms to:

  • Verify your account when you join
  • For the occasional notification
  • As a verification of any redemption request
That's it, we won't call you, ever. Unless you specifically ask us to (it would be rude not to), or in the unlikely event that all other communications have failed.

I forgot my password?

Click here to be taken to the password reset page.

My mobile number has changed, how do I change my login?

Please contact us using the contact us link at the bottom of this page, make sure you include your old number and new number and we’ll update your login.

What do I do with the SMS token?

Once you agree to the Ts&Cs and confirmed you are not a robot, you are sent a SMS token, you need to enter the token code into the website when requested.

I didn’t receive my SMS token?

If for some reason you were not able to receive or view the SMS, our backup process will allow for the receival of a confirmation sms from your registered mobile number.

Note: if your phone number entered is different from the one you registered with, the sms will not be successful.

Mobile App

Where can I download the app?

There are links to the mobile apps in the footer of this page

How do I login to the app?

Just use your current Octopus Group login you created when you registered with us i.e. Mobile Number and Password. If you can’t remember your password, click here to reset your password.

Why don't I receive survey notifications via the app?

You need to have the app running for the notifications to be turned on. We have designed the app to be as simple as possible, so if you need a break from (earning cash) being notified then just close the app down from your runnning app's list on your mobile device

How do I know if I have a survey to complete using the app?

A notification will appear on your phone. Just tap on the notification and it will take you to a list of surveys that are available. Just tap on the survey/s you want to complete.

How do I refer a friend / tell a friend?

Open the app and swipe left to the "SHARE" page. At the bottom of the screen, enter your friend’s email address then press the "REFER A FRIEND" button.

This will send an email to your friend with a unique link specific to you asking them to join. Don’t forget, you’ll get $1 for every friend that registers and a further $1 for each of the first 19 surveys they complete.

Thats right, up to $20 per friend that joins.

What are Referable Surveys?

From time to time Octopus Group will make available surveys that members can refer to their friends directly. Giving their friends a chance not only to be a member but also be able to complete a survey immediately after joining. To do this, open the app, swipe left the the “SHARE” page. Select the survey you want to refer a friend to, enter their email address and press the “FORWARD TO A FRIEND” button.

How much data does the app use?

Technically, it is generally less than 2 KB per sync (not MB). To put that in perspective that is about 2000 times smaller than streaming one song.


How will I be notified when surveys are available?

There are 3 different ways to be notified if you have been selected to complete a survey.

  • Via our App. (fastest)
  • Logging into the website
  • Via email (if you really have to)

Remember that our surveys fill up fast, so the quicker you start the survey the better chance you have of getting your reward and voicing your opinion.

How am I selected for a survey?

Not all surveys are suitable for everyone, some surveys are only valid for a particular cross section of the population. For example, left handed tennis players who live in Victoria. By using the information you have supplied in your profiling questionnaire we can make sure we only select the relevant people.

When we do not have the information required we may send the survey notification to a random selection of Octopus Group members. So there is a chance that you may not qualify for the survey, in such instances we will reward your time with a small cash incentive.

How often will I be selected for surveys?

Part of the selection process is completely random. You will receive notifications to take surveys based on the information you have provided, however you can optimise your chances by always having your profile questions completed and up-to-date.

How often will I participate in surveys?

You can participate in as many or as few surveys as you wish, it is entirely up to you.

Are the online surveys all run by Octopus Group?

The online surveys are administered by our clients, we act in your best interest as an agent driving the best deal for you.

Can I complete surveys on a tablet or smart phone?

In general the surveys are able to be completed on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. As these surveys are not written by Octopus Group we are not able to guarantee the survey experience.

That said, if the surveys is smart phone enabled then we'll let you know.

What if I run into issues within the survey?

If you do run into problems on a smart phone or tablet you can always open the survey on your laptop or PC. Otherwise contact us and we'll do our best to resolve the issue.

I just completed a survey and the points do not show up in my account. Why?

For most surveys, the cash will be automatically added to your Octopus account within a few minutes of survey completion.

However, there may be instances when the cash for recently completed surveys do not immediately appear in your account.

In such cases, the cash will be added to your account within 30 days of the study closing.

Why am I not receiving emails?

There are a number of reasons why this could be occurring:

  • You have not elected to receive email notifications
    • To receive email notifications you have to log into the the website, go into your settings and tick the box labeled "I would like to be notified by email when a survey is available for me"
  • No surveys available
    • You will only be sent email notifications if you have been selected based on your profile information. To increase your chances to be selected for new surveys, make sure you complete your profile information and keep it up to date. You do this by going into the profile tab and completing all the questions displayed.
  • Emails going to your junk/spam folder
    • Emails may be going into your junk/spam folder, check this folder and make sure you mark emails from Octopus Group as NOT spam/junk in your email system.

Earning Cash

How do I earn Cash?

You can earn cash by completing surveys. The amount you get rewarded depends on the length of the survey. The longer the survey the greater the reward.

This is where Octopus Group is different and is shaking up the online survey industry in Australia. We are offering 80% to 400% more than all the other online survey panels in Australia.

How much do I get?

The amount you get rewarded depends on the length of the survey. The longer the survey the greater the reward.

This is where Octopus Group is different and is shaking up the online survey industry in Australia. We are offering 80% to 400% more than all the other online survey panels in Australia.

Now make use of your "wait" time, fill in a survey or two and keep topping up your Octopus account.

As our rate is so high, it means you will be accumulating cash faster. Therefore, transferring your cash into your wallet/purse more often or by purchasing e-Gift cards at an Octopus Group member's discounted price. To redeem your cash you only need $20 in your Octopus account.

You also get a cash reward if you get selected and don’t qualify for the survey.

Do I get rewarded for telling a friend?

Yes! Tell a friend and get up to $20 per friend that joins. We're pretty sure this is the best deal in the industry - Some providers pay $2 and others .... nothing....

The way it works is simple, we will give you $1 per friend that joins, then get a further $1 for each of the first 19 surveys they complete! Thats right you will get up to $20 for each friend that joins.

To make it easy to tell a friend and get the extra cash

  • Enter your friend's email address on the share tab of the mobile app
  • Log in to the website and copy the tell a friend link displayed in your account. Share it any way you like our suggestions include:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Email
    • Carrier pigeon and smoke signals! The options are limitless

How do I refer a friend / tell a friend?

To make it easy to tell a friend and get the extra cash, log into the website, on your dashboard page you will find a section called Tell a friend. Here will be displayed your own personal "tell a friend" link that you can send to all of your friends.

You’ll get $1 for every friend that joins and a further $1 for each of the first 19 surveys they complete. That's right, up to $20 per friend that joins.

Make sure that your friends use your personal link so that you will receive the referral incentives.

Of course, you can also refer a friend through the mobile app (see How to I refer a friend / tell a friend FAQ under Moblie App section)

Do I earn cash for surveys I start but don't qualify?

Yes! If you start a survey and are unable to complete it due to the fact that you do not fulfill the survey qualification requirements, you will be credited cash to your account. The amount of cash will differ depending on the actual survey. The minimum you will receive is $0.05.

How do I check my Cash acount?

There are two ways to check your current Octopus account balance, either check the Me tab in the phone app, or log into the website.

How do I know how many surveys I have completed?

We keep a record of transactions, so you will be able to see your full history by logging into the website.

Cashing out your Octopus Group account

How do I get cash out of my Octopus account?

Login into the website. Go to the redemptions section, this section will only be available if you have more than $20 in your Octopus account. Enter the amount you wish to transfer to your bank account, your bank account details (bsb, account number) and press submit. If all is successfully validated, you will be required to validate your request by sending us an sms from your registered mobile number.

This may sound long winded but the process is actually very quick.

The sms confirmation protects your account from any un-authorised activity, as there is no otherway to transfer your cash.

Is my bank account number safe to send?

Yes! There are a few points of note here:

  • We do not retain your bank details for any extended length of time.
  • Our system will only accept your bank details, there is no functionality to display/publish them.
  • Once payment has been made we remove your account details from the transfer request. This removes all traces of your account details from our online system.

How much can I cash out?

Any amount above $20 and then in increments of $5. Remember Octopus cash rewards are double most other providers so you'll be redeeming faster and more often.

How long does it take for the Cash to appear in my account?

It could take up to 30 days for the cash to appear in your account, this depends on your bank.

Does my cash expire?

No, as long as you remain an active member of Octopus Group, your cash will never expire.

If you unsubscribe from Octopus Group or your membership is deactivated then your Octopus account will be closed and and remaining rewards will be forfeited.

An inactive member is someone who has not responded to any survey invitations for a long period of time, in which case Octopus Group reserves the right to deactivate their membership.

Purchasing a Gift card

Why are Octopus Group gift cards so great?

Octopus Group makes the money you earn go even further, we pass on our bulk purchasing discount (4%) to our members.

You get a:

  • $20 gift card for $19.20
  • $40 gift card for $38.40
  • $60 gift card for $57.60
  • $80 gift card for $76.80
  • $100 gift card for $96
You get your gift cards at the same price we buy them for!

How do I purchase a gift card?

Log into the Octopus Group website.

Go into the Redemptions section

Then select Gimme e-Gifts

Choose your card value!

How do I use my gift card?

Once the order has been processed, you will receive an email with a link to transfer your voucher into a store voucher.

Simply choose the voucher you want to redeem and you will receive the e-voucher. You can then spend it online, bring it up on your phone, or print it out to show in stores.

How long does it take to receive my gift card?

Once you purchase a gift card from the Redemptions section it will only take seconds to receive your gift card via email.

Do gift cards expire?

Yes, the Octopus Group card has a 3 year expiry. However, once you redeem for a store gift card these will have varying expiry dates depending on the store you choose. Take note of the expiry date to ensure that you don't miss out.

Need more info on our Gift card provider?

Read more here.

My Profile

How do I update my profile?

Log into the website and go into the Profile section. Here you can answer or update your profile information.

Having your profile information complete and up to date helps ensure you receive surveys that are relevant to you. It also maximises the chance of receiving surveys and earning cash faster.

How do I change my password?

Make sure you are logged out of the website then click here to reset your password

I forgot my password

Go to the members website, then click on Reset Password or click here to go straight to the reset page.

Why do you need all this information in my profile?

The information you provide to Octopus Group in your profile, allows us to ensure you only receive the most relevant surveys. For this reason, you should ensure that your profile is always up to date.

Polling Questions

What are Polling questions?

Polling questions are a quick way to find out additional information from you. These questions maybe about current affairs, extra information we need for an upcoming survey or just something the employees are curious about. This information will occasionally be shared back to the Octopus community.

Answering poll questions will sometimes help you be selected for a special project. So make sure you answer these as often as possible.

I have ideas for a polling question?

Want to know how many left handed cat owners are on the panel? Or who the Octopus group think will win The Voice? Drop us a note and we can ask the group what they think?

How can I complete poll questions?

There are 2 ways.

1. Log into the website and click on the Poll question tab.

2. Open the app, swipe left to the “ME” page, then press the “GO TO POLLS” button.

Do I get rewarded for answering polling questions?

Every submission is an entry into a monthly* prize draw, 5 members who have answered will be randomly chosen to receive $5 that will be added to their Octopus account.

Keep in mind though, the more successful our poll is the better the reputation it will have. Client's are all about confidence and a good reputation builds that.

* Monthly prize draw is dependent on at least 5 new poll questions being asked for the month. However, questions will accumulate if a monthly prize draw is skipped.

Note: Dependent on the success of the Polls, we may increase the incentive without notice.


How is my personal privacy protected?

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. We will never try to sell you anything and will use the information you provide only for research purposes. Please see our Privacy policy for details.

How is my personal information used?

Information such as age and gender are factors we use to select participants for our surveys. Without them, we are not able to ensure our results accurately reflect the demographic make-up require.

We will never give your personal information to anyone outside of our company (including our clients). The information you provide is only used for research purposes, and to determine who is best suited for a survey. For more information see our Privacy policy.