How to complete a survey

It’s easy! Once you have been selected to complete a survey, we will send you a notification on your phone (if you've installed the app and logged in) or an email (if that's your preference).

All you have to do is start the survey from the app OR from the members area and you will be redirected to the survey. Answer the questions that are displayed, there are no wrong or right answers.

Make sure you click all the way to the end till you get redirected back to Octopus group so that your cash is immediately added to your account.

On occasion, some of our client surveys are not compatible with smartphones, so you will need to complete them on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

The cash incentive will depend on the length of the survey, so for our surveys, the longer they are the more you get. We also give you a small cash reward if you start the survey and do not qualify.

Note: If you haven’t already, download the app to make sure you get notified as soon as surveys become available. Our surveys fill up fast and the app is the fastest way to get notified. App and Play store links are below in the footer. Install and allow notifications when asked.