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Posted: 16th March 2020

Terms and conditions have been amended
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We've revised the terms and conditions, with the major changes including:

  • Inclusion of wording to allow for New Zealand members
  • Changes to sms validation processes
    • There are no daily sms limits to verify your redemption anymore
    • Now you send us an SMS for redemption validation

Posted: 8th November 2017

The October Poll Winners are...(late but not forgotten again)
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Emma (Tas)
Kirsten (NSW)
Adele (WA)
Brooke (NSW)
Rhiannon (WA)

Posted: 8th November 2017

The September Poll Winners are...(late but not forgotten)
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Valissa (Tas)
Brianna (WA)
Alysha (VIC)
Sienna (VIC)
Bradley (QLD)

Posted: 22nd August 2017

The August Poll Winners are...
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Mel (NSW)
Fiona (NSW)
Leonie (Tas)
Hussain (WA)
Anthony (QLD)

Posted: 21st July 2017

A little late (again, sorry... busy). The July Poll Winners are...
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Dhiren (SA)
Mary (NSW)
Jarrod (NSW)
Tanya (NSW)
Esta (VIC)

Posted: 7th July 2017

July Newsletter
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Missed the email?

Check out our July Newsletter here

Posted: 20th June 2017

A little late (again, sheesh) but here they are. The June Poll Winners are...
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Kim (VIC)
Mary (QLD)
Simone (VIC)
Leslie (QLD)
Tyson (SA)

Posted: 22nd May 2017

A little late but here they are. The May Poll Winners are...
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Lyn (QLD)
Trinity (QLD)
Cherry (VIC)
Katherine (VIC)
Cassandra (SA)

Posted: 11th April 2017

And the April Poll Winners are...
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Kerry (QLD)
Jade (VIC)
Rachel (NSW)
kuldeep (SA)
Naralie (VIC)

Posted: 9th March 2017

And the March Poll Winners are...
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Amy (ACT)
Chantelle (NSW)
Ruth (WA)
Sam (SA)
Luisa (QLD)

Posted: 9th February 2017

QuickPolls have just been released!
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Available from App and the website!

Polls will help us win more surveys

Monthly prize draw to support responders

Note: Poll Notifications will only go to app users,

Posted: 25th January 2017

We're sending surveys, are you getting them?
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UPDATE: App users are getting the survey notifications much quicker than email notifications.

This means they will have a better chance of NOT screening out.

A lot of you are new to market research online surveys
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Things you should know

When you've started the survey but you don't meet the survey requirements, this is called screening, and you won't be required to complete the full survey. You still get 5c for attempting.

Surveys are almost always targeted to groups and specific numbers in those groups.

Completed a survey but your account wasn't updated?
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Don't worry, this will have been a client issue, and we'll fix it after the project completes.

This happens rarely, but it does happen.

Posted: 12th December 2016

We've gone Live
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The day has arrived so make sure you are being notified, either by:

  • The APP
  • Email
  • or logging into the system.

See the post "Are you being notified" - 28th November 2016

Posted: 29th November 2016

App News
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Issue: "Start Survey" button caused the app to crash.
Caused by: No surveys available in the list.
Resolution: A message is now shown and no crash!

Want something added to the app? Let us know and we'll add it to the ever increasing list!

Posted: 28th November 2016

Are you being notified?
Notifications Checklist

Our setup checklist:

  • Install the app
    • Allow notifications during install
    • Leave the app running
      Or you won't be notififed!
  • If you want to be notified by email
    • Log in to the members site and mark the setting to be notified by email
    • Add our emails to your safe senders list
  • If you've not done at least ONE of the above you won't be notified.
Links to mobile apps in the footer.

Surveys with Octopus (The details you should know.)
Survey Startpoint on Mobile

Start the survey,
...make sure you click all the way to the end till you get redirected back to Octopus group so that your cash is immediately added to your account.

Learn more
What to expect from market research surveys
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So you've received a survey notification,
What Next!?

Learn more