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Octopus Group is shaking up the online panel industry in Australia.

We have a different approach to panel management that focuses on its members. By keeping members engaged and fairly rewarded they are enthusiastic about giving their opinions.

This gives our clients confidence in survey results collected through Octopus Group.

Quality Assurance

Octopus Group is the panel of choice for companies in Australia and around the world. Our quality panel ensures your results are accurate and robust.

We continually strive to have a panel of the highest quality

  • We are the only panel that validates mobile numbers and email addresses to be a member.
    This validation of members ensures a highly de-duplicated member base.
  • Our panel was recruited from scratch, we did not use an existing DB or email list which can bias final outcomes.
  • With our 3 strike policy, we continually maintain quality by removing "naughty" members from our panel.

Current Certifications

ISO Certifier Octopus Group Enterprises are certified to the following ISO certification:
  • ISO 20252:2019 Market, Opinion and Social Research

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