Before starting the survey

Be aware that this is not a definitive guide on surveying, we'll just cover the general ideas.

Octopus Group will connect you with our clients surveys, we do not write the actual surveys, so when you start the survey you have left the Octopus Group domain and when you finish the last question of the survey you should be redirected back to the Octopus Group domain. If you are not redirected back, you should let us know.

After you receive your notification, you can access the survey from within our app or from the surveys tab of the members portal. Both of these options will send you to the survey.

After clicking to start the survey, you may be presented with an informational notice from Octopus Group or an information screen regarding the survey content. After you've read this click to continue to the survey.

During the survey

This is not our responsibility per se, but a few things if you're new to online surveys.

You will be presented with a number of questions to answer. They should take approximately the amount of time that we've informed you of prior. To be fair to everyone, we have estimated the time to complete the survey, however it is possible that different paths could take a longer or shorter time.

Note: We perform additional analysis post survey completion; if we find significant issues with the survey we will go back to the client to rectify any issues. Always try and complete the survey in one sitting, otherwise your survey timing won't be included in the post survey analysis.

The questions presented are generally quite simple to answer, single or multiple choice, text / number answers etc. Sometimes there is a complex question in which case there are normally additional instructions on how to proceed.

In general you should not be asked for any identifiable information (email address, phone number, DOB, mailing address, facebook name etc). If this information is required we will inform you in the pre survey information page. Let us know if you encounter this.

Completing the survey

After answering the last question of the survey, you should be redirected back to Octopus Group. At this point the survey incentive will be added to your account. The only time that your account will not be incremented automatically is if it was mentioned in the information before the survey, otherwise let us know.

After completing each survey, we will present you with a few questions to answer regarding the survey experience. This is to maintain quality and stay abreast of any issues. I.e. Keep the clients on their toes!

That's it. If there is another survey available for you and you still have some time, you can go again.