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Get up to $25

Octopus Group is changing the game once again. What we are offering has never been done previously in Australia (possibly the world). We will give you up to $25 for every one of your friends that registers with Octopus Group. Yep, tell 10 friends and we will give you up to $250!

The way it works is simple, we will give you $2 for your referral’s first valid survey*, then give you a further $1 for each of their next 23 valid surveys* they complete! Yes you are reading this correctly, you will get up to $25 for each friend you tell. The best referral sweetener in Australia and New Zealand.

We decided instead of spending thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising, we’ll give this money to the members that support us. Our members are the most important part of Octopus Group and they deserve to be looked after.

As usual Octopus Group is giving back to you

Join now and tell your friends before they tell you first!

Note: You'll find your "Tell-A-Friend" link on your dashboard after you log in. Copy it and send it however you like.

*See Terms & Conditions for additional details